Hey guys this is HackerIdiot I made this site for gathering all the information from different kinds of sites to one place so that it would be easy to see and read it, recently google news also accepted our site also not that we also rank at the first place on different kind of search engines. We will be shortly starting a group for chatting and sharing knowledge such as Discord, Telegram, and a few more if you have any kind of a specific site that you want to add to this site then you can mail me at so that I can add into my engine for process

  1. HackerOne
  2. Kitploit
  3. Krebson Security
  4. NakedSecurity
  5. The Black Vault

These are all the sources which I have been used and if there are more sources you willing to add to this list as well as on the site then you can contact me at I will be shortly be adding social login and comment section so stay tuned and if you want to help to improve this site then you can fell free to contact me

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